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by Nippy13

Extraordinarily done! This piece looks like it's the ready to be used art concept for a Disney movie set in this fitting time period, i...

Aside from your attention to detail in this cosplay, (which goes without saying) the expression and posture you exert as well as body l...

The motion in this as conveyed solely by the light and it's shining on the debris and rubble dust that is shown is amazing. There's act...

To be quite honest this is a breath taking work (in my opinion) that immediately makes me think of Fantasia 2000's whale scene if it we...


Rwby: Mirage
Emerald Sustrai is one for mirages, con's, illusionary  figments come true, but sometimes , at least in Roman's case, such elaborations are not needed to ensnare the bowler hatted bandit lord.

Roman Torchwick x Emerald Sustrai = ship name: Smooth Criminals

Characters from the series RWBY
RWBY Flash back: when Ghira met Kali pt 2
A flash back RWBY series depicting how Ghira Belladonna and Kali Belladonna(Blake's parents) met.

When Ghira "the Beast" of the White Fang , passes through to aid a local gypsy clan from Grimm, the gyspy folk are eager to show their appreciation to their zealot saviors.   Among the Faunus dancers is one Kali of the cat clan, who's taken an especial shine to the large warrior for saving her people from the bandits and the Grimm there after.
RWBY Flash back: when Ghira met Kali pt 1
Some fan art of Volume 4's Kali and Ghira Belladonna (Blake's parents). 

After defending a gypsy caravan from bandits, AND the Grimm that followed after them, the White Fang and their captain, Ghira "the Beast" Belladonna, speaks with the gypsy's chief leader negotiating being given supplies for their journey on to fight the human slavers. 

Needless to say, a few of the feminine populous of the camp is more than a little taken with the 6'11 Beast, particularly a runt of the faunus litter...Kali.
Rwby: Hot Coco
There are few girls in Remnant like Ms. Coco Adel, and even fewer who can turn heads like the infectious fashion diva.  

This chocolate haired beauty can crush a rock in her fist, or solid steel. She can lift a Grimm in the air, and hold her own in a fight with 15 to 1, all while sporting the most classy of in-style shoes.  She can also catch the eye like pollen to a bee hive, if the bee's were boys, and the pollen was her looks, allure, and persona. 

One such bee is a smooth blue hornet by the name of Flynt Coal...a warrior minstrel from no name or title in Atlas who's risen in the ranks due to his unmatched talent on the blues, the horn, sonic wave warfare against Grimm, agility, and sheer charisma.  

A sharp charisma which stung Coco right back for a change....and since then, the two have been interlocked in a competitive parlay....otherwise known as flirting.

Both leaders of their own teams, (FNKI & CFVY), intolerant of intolerance, and too cool for school, these swanky savants have the stuff to strut...but Coco's the best where it comes to actually strutting it. 
Rwby: All that Hustle (re-color)
Just a recolor of one of my favorite ships.

Coco Adel, Fashionista extraordinaire, and Flynt Coal, King of Jazz.    One with impeccable looks, and prodigious inhuman strength , that covets a fight, but covets new shoes more.  
The other a musical prodigy, and Grimm hunter with the suave Semblance of duplicating himself into a "killer quartet", and inhuman stamina to boot. 

Together they're a power couple with an army of 2, which can become exponentially 5 on occasion that's too hot to handle.

Hello everyone, sorry I've been such a stranger. I've finally gotten a portion of my life together enough to be active here again. What's more I'm doing commission

work, and at pretty affordable prices at that.

Fan pairings, to scenario's to singles, to concepts, I'm open to them.

Now as I'm attempting not to go broke myself, I'm not wishing to break anyone,

So my price range is $5-15 for a character, colorless.

Naruto Noir by OmnipotrentThe Iceberg Lounge: Two-Face by OmnipotrentThe Iceberg Lounge: Joker by OmnipotrentBatman Rogues Gallery: The Scarecrow by OmnipotrentWalking Dead: Snakes Head by OmnipotrentWalking Dead: When Lambs beget Lions by Omnipotrent


In color it will be $15-25

Rwby: All that Hustle (re-color) by OmnipotrentRwby: Gerda and Ruby night time version by Omnipotrent
Usagi Yojimbo:The Rabbit Ronin: basket hat version by OmnipotrentUsagi Yojimbo: The Rabbit Ronin by Omnipotrent
Unlikely band: Then he needed me... by OmnipotrentUnlikely Valentine: Servants of the Crown by Omnipotrent
Unlikely band: Selfie at the Gym by OmnipotrentUnlikely band: Hitgirl and X-23 cleaning house by Omnipotrent


Comic spreads with panels will be around $15, or a non fixed price per-page depending on the commission.

Walking Dead: Deluge (SPOILERS) by Omnipotrent
The Unlikely Rise: Triexellion by Omnipotrent

Just for clarification, I'm going to keep my work under PG-13 (meaning no "intercourse" pictures). Violence I'm fine with as I'm sure you know from my gallery. 

I accept Cash Via Paypal, and am more happy to discuss taking prices down a peg given the commission asked.

Thank you all again for following me, and have a blessed day and a happy new year.

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