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by Nippy13

Extraordinarily done! This piece looks like it's the ready to be used art concept for a Disney movie set in this fitting time period, i...

Aside from your attention to detail in this cosplay, (which goes without saying) the expression and posture you exert as well as body l...

The motion in this as conveyed solely by the light and it's shining on the debris and rubble dust that is shown is amazing. There's act...

To be quite honest this is a breath taking work (in my opinion) that immediately makes me think of Fantasia 2000's whale scene if it we...


Treasure Planet II OC: Shardis the Smuggler
While we wait (Bless you all being patient) for my Unlikely Band pics to be finished, please enjoy some old "touched up"disney pictures i had for a ficticious continuation of Treasure Planet:

There's many a cut throat in the galaxy.

Some are blood thirsty pirates, and others, they that allegedly hunt pirates, and then you have those who just try to make a living in a solar system bent on pressing down their kind.  

O'Mheara is one of these, Smuggler by trade, "Lady of fortune" by choice, and damned slippery one at that. 

She's from the planet Protheus II, known for it's Amphibious inhabitance.   She has the ability to morph legs, or a shark tale as needed, (Likened to the actual Mermaids of legend in Hans Christian Anderson's stories), her people call it "Gene-volving."   

An old face from Jim's past as a little kid, and a good or bad influence since then as a pre-teen, now young adults, Jim finds himself in pursuit of his best friend from the wrong side of the tracks, and uncovers a mystery that runs deeper than the black and white war of Pirates and Navy.
Treasure Planet Oc: Shardis O Mhera
While we wait for my Unlikely Band series:

This is an OC i've made named Shardis for a continuation of Treasure Planet I have geared up to be a fan fiction.

She is originally from the aquatic system Protheous II, where anamorphic and amphibious life forms typically hail from.   She is a Thrashakian, or Mere-shark, not a very common line found near Montressor.  Likened to the mermaids of the works of Hans Christian Andersen, she can also form humanoid legs out of her lower half in a way she calls "Gene-volving."  Meaning, she can actually split her tail into legs and come up on land like a primordial fish (from evolution) and devolve back when entering a body of water getting a mermaid like shark tail.  

As a little child, she was orphaned and stayed at the first place that didn't chase her away from their door, which was ironically the Old Benbow.

 Jim's parents let her stay with them to help them keep the Inn up, (or rather Mrs. Hawkins did) and she befriended Jim who was the same age as her at the time.   

One day agents from the orphanage system came to re-posses her after discovering where she was, saying that she had stolen a good deal from the orphanage before leaving, a claim that she insisted wasn't the whole story.  

Rather then wait for them to get there like Mrs. Hawkins said they should do, she fled.  Jim lost his friend that day.  

It wasn't shortly after that, that Jim's father abandoned him and his mother, leaving them devastated.   Jim was distraught in his own fashion from it, believing against logic that it was his fault, even resulting in him wanting to run away from home himself to find his father and bring him back.  

The night he decided to do so, and stowed away on a ship, he found himself on the same cargo boat as Shardis, who had only now found a way to successfully get off the planet. 

However, she convinced Jim that he should go back to his one parent he still had, who STILL wanted him, and how his mother would  feel and think that she lost him too.

He got off of the boat before it took off and returned home, where he would continue to frighten his mother, acting out, not being able to cope with his father's choice...but he owed coming back to his friend he was sure he'd once more, never see again.

After the events of Treasure Planet, he is reformed and a new decorated Cadet, and he is assigned to deal with a problem in a lower sector of the Montressor space port moon, a problem with smugglers.

One of these Smugglers is one that Jim recognizes; Shardis Ó Mhéara...the slipperiest one, infamous for never being caught....

Treasure Planet II: Jim's new crew
More art based from my continuation of Treasure Planet, Jim has been branded traitor until he can prove his innocence and must sail to get to the bottom of this conspiracy that's implicated him, along with the misfit crew he's put together along the way:

Left to right: Morph (Obviously)

(which stands for Fortress Reflects Anamitroic Nanobot-Confidential) designed as a prototype for a new defense line of robots, but had a malefaction in her circuits and developed a bipolar personality. The agency wanted her put down, but her Creator [Dad] wanted to keep her since he saw her "special", and because he had created her in the image of his deceased daughter. She constantly switches from being odd, quirky, girl-next-doorish to desensitized killing machine-mode. So don't push her buttons too much.

Voiced by: Karen Gillan

Is a Sibrian (four armed half Badger/half Tiger in appearance) always big for his size and challenged to fights on his home world because of the need to assert dominance.  In truth, Casipher is very literate, loving to read, knows 4 languages, and has surprisingly steady hands...all four of them, which has lead him to be a very good medic though you wouldn't think it.   Casipher has very little taste for actually hurting people, however he discovered that if he keeps up the persona of a brute who'll kill you to look at you, the more that people leave him alone.  He'd choke the life out of an enemy, but lay down his own for a friend. 

Voiced by: Khary Payton

Jim Hawkins (agian, obviously)
Now the Captain of their ship christened the Ebon Dusk(which I'll be drawing later). Jim has served with the Academy for some time now, but has now been implicated as an international space way spy, selling secrets that can lead to war.   He was commissioned to sail covertly with a crew put together of convicts who've been offered pardon's for helping stop a war. But for his trouble, he is now the "fall guy"of an even bigger plot.

The corruption goes right to the top as far as Jim knows, and there's little chance to prove his innocence on his own marker, so rather than face the music, he's racing it, by sailing across the stars to where he's sure he can find the missing key to unlock why someone his own Navy is trying to set a cataclysm in motion, with his new friends at his back.  

Voiced of course by: Joseph Gorden-Levitt

Shardis O'Mheara, an orphan Mer-shark, Smuggler of fortune and Jim's child hood friend. 

it was her who convinced Jim not to run away from home to find his father when they were small.…

When she met Jim next, she was the infamous smuggler who had a knack for slipping through the fingers of Federation blockades, and customs; the Federation Jim now served under as a cadet.  

After her capture at Jim's hands, she was chosen as a member of Jim's crack crew to go covertly and find an item to stall a war between two systems, a plan who's purpose was to frame Jim by someone in command.    Shardis does genuinely care for Jim and the last thing she wants is for the brand of traitor to bar him from seeing the one parent he still has who loves him, ...knowing she can never see hers.  She has the ability to change from a "two-legged" into a tail finned wonder who can propel herself through the weightlessness of space, like the Mermaids from the tail of Hans Christian Anderson's Little mermaid who could grow legs when they chose.

Voiced by: Sarah Bolger

Long John Silver, (again, duh).
Silver, as notorious and treacherous a pirate as you could hope to meet...and also one of the most chivalrous and honorable men Jim knows who he trusts his life with.  Finally caught and imprisoned by the Federation where he serves his "retirement" by having very nice living conditions in the jail by making amazing dishes for the guards and warden, Silver leaped at the opportunity to get a chance at a pardon for helping ol' Jimbo in a secret voyage...and if anything was one of the one's who suspected that there was a rat in high places from the start.   

Voiced again by: Brian Murray

Next is Omek, short for a much longer name that he's never told anyone. Omek is a Yow-Fen, a race known for ability to elongate their limbs to a degree which helps them get along their very rocky jungle terrain.  Omek however never saw the jungle's of his home world as a baby, he was born in prison.   He grew up in that environment, believed to be mute by many, and surviving on his wits and ability to predict a situation through causality, which is why he's so unbeaten in poker.  In addition he is a prodigy as a tech, and finds a kindred friend in Jim as a fellow engineer.

Finally at the end we have MAX, short for Maxine (do not ever call her that), she is an Archaeopteryx, a species of Dinosaur/Bird's, of which she is a runt.  What she lacks in size she more than makes up for in unmatched in marksmanship, even with her one defective eye.  She has been considered a throw away, an outcast, deformed, both titles which she's laughed in the face of with vigor by being an impeccable bounty-woman and munitions expert.

Voiced by: Ariel Winter

Together they are the crew of the Ebon Dusk under Captain Hawkins, may the tides of space be ready for them.
Treasure Planet II: Shardis
While i'm still editing commissions and other projects before getting back to RWBY (And Unlikely Band (SO SORRY), I'm releasing some of my older art that i've touched up form a few years back.

This one is of Shardis, an OC character in my continuation of Treasure Planet, she's a smuggler and childhood friend of Jim's on Montresser who ran away from home before the events of Treasure Planet took place due to not wanting to be taken back to her orphanage. 

She is a shape-shifting Were-Shark or a Thrashakian, with the rare ability to Gene-volve, meaning she can actually split her tail into legs and come up on land like a primordial fish (from evolution) and devolve back when entering a body of water getting a mermaid like shark tail.  

She's an eskilled seamstress of solar sails and an excellent slight of hand who tumbles back into Jim's life when news of his father being incarcerated reaches his Spaceport academy. 
Hello everyone, sorry I've been such a stranger. I've finally gotten a portion of my life together enough to be active here again. What's more I'm doing commission

work, and at pretty affordable prices at that.

Fan pairings, to scenario's to singles, to concepts, I'm open to them.

Now as I'm attempting not to go broke myself, I'm not wishing to break anyone,

So my price range is $5-15 for a character, colorless.

Naruto Noir by OmnipotrentThe Iceberg Lounge: Two-Face by OmnipotrentThe Iceberg Lounge: Joker by OmnipotrentBatman Rogues Gallery: The Scarecrow by OmnipotrentWalking Dead: Snakes Head by OmnipotrentWalking Dead: When Lambs beget Lions by Omnipotrent


In color it will be $15-25

Rwby: All that Hustle (re-color) by OmnipotrentRwby: Gerda and Ruby night time version by Omnipotrent
Usagi Yojimbo:The Rabbit Ronin: basket hat version by OmnipotrentUsagi Yojimbo: The Rabbit Ronin by Omnipotrent
Unlikely band: Then he needed me... by OmnipotrentUnlikely Valentine: Servants of the Crown by Omnipotrent
Unlikely band: Selfie at the Gym by OmnipotrentUnlikely band: Hitgirl and X-23 cleaning house by Omnipotrent


Comic spreads with panels will be around $15, or a non fixed price per-page depending on the commission.

Walking Dead: Deluge (SPOILERS) by Omnipotrent
The Unlikely Rise: Triexellion by Omnipotrent

Just for clarification, I'm going to keep my work under PG-13 (meaning no "intercourse" pictures). Violence I'm fine with as I'm sure you know from my gallery. 

I accept Cash Via Paypal, and am more happy to discuss taking prices down a peg given the commission asked.

Thank you all again for following me, and have a blessed day and a happy new year.

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